Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Friendship Week Trip

                                                                                                                                15th October 2014

As mentioned in my last note, we are hosting a “Friendship Week” next week here in Scoil Bhríde with particular focus on the wellness and happiness of the girls.  Part of this initiative involves some local trips which give the chance for the children to ‘hang out’ with others from their class whom they may not play with on a regular basis.  These outings will take place next THURSDAY 23rd October.

Junior and Senior Infants as well as First Class are going to “Rumley’s Farm” and the cost is €14 per child including the bus price.  Second to Fourth classes are going to Cuskinny Activity Centre in Cobh while Fifth and Sixth Classes are going to the Glen Resource Centre.  Both of these trips are €20 per child including the cost of the bus. The anti-bullying workshop which takes place on Friday 24th October for the girls in 3rd – 6th classes will cost €4 per child.

I would appreciate if you could start sending in the money for these trips and the workshop in the next few days.  The children will also be told if there are any extra arrangements re gear for these excursions.
As part of the Friendship week, we will be calling on members of our community such as grandparents to come in and talk to the children while the girls will also receive friendship wrist bands (which we received from Amnesty International) which will symbolise the unity element of the event.  We are also introducing “Super-Troopers” which helps to instigate a family orientated healthy living lifestyle in a fun way!
If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know!

Yours in cooperation,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Social Media Talk 2014

Social Media and Mobile Phone Usage Ideas

Social Media : (Facebook /Youtube / Twitter/Instagram/Skype/Blogging)

·         Ensure all computers/tablets/phones that have access to the Internet are used only in public rooms at home, not in bedrooms.  Try to supervise your children’s Internet activity through the history section of your internet browser.
·         Create an email address with your child if you wish and ensure that you know the PASSWORD.  Keep a check on it, plus passwords.
·         “YouTube”…be aware of how dangerous this site is.  Check the search settings that you are allowed to control.
·         “Facebook”.   Must be over 13 years to use it.  Security settings must be kept high.  Again, ensure you have the password for your childs Facebook page.   Be mindful of the “apps” that your child has allowed to access their page.  Do not allow them to put photographs on their page

Mobile Phones (Viber/WhatsApp/SnapChat/Kik):

·         The same as above, make sure you are aware of your child’s mobile phone pin. 
·         Keep an eye on the pictures they are taking/receiving
·         It should be left in a public part of the house when not in use/bedtime
·         If your child has an Android Phone, take note of the “apps” they have downloaded
·         Take note of the amount of phone credit they are using.   Do not put them on a bill-pay.                                          
Useful website: