Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Letter to Parents/Guardians 8th january 2014


May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year!!  I’m delighted to see everyone returning to us and ready for another term.  With this new term in mind, I want to raise a few house-keeping issues with you all.

Parent’s Association:
I would like to thank our new Parent’s Association for organising both Santa’s visit and the selling of school Christmas Cards!  There was an awful lot of work put into these ideas by the group and I sincerely appreciate everyone’s efforts.

Traffic Issues:
May I remind everyone that at no time is any car permitted to park in our designated bus space.  All of us together have worked hard to introduce the effective measures which are now working quite well.  However a simple thing as parking in the bus zone  brings us back to square one, particularly on wet days.   Our Board of Management are in complete support of the idea of calling the Gardaí or passing registration plate numbers to the authorities if this continues.

Medical issues:
At present we have a child enrolled with us in Scoil Bhríde who for medical reasons must not if at all possible come in contact with anyone who may have chicken pox or measles.  As this is a relatively new situation for us, I am asking parents to be aware of this particularly if your child exhibits the sympotms of chicken pox.  I also note  that an unusual number of instances of ‘head lice’ occurred before the Christmas break and I again ask parents to be vigilent in relation to this matter.  Finally, we have successfully implemented a healthy eating policy here in Scoil Bhríde for a number of years and I want this to be again supported by our parents/guardians at this time, particularly after the holiday season.

I’m delighted with the respect being paid by the girls to tracksuit/uniform days as well as to wearing school jackets to school each day.  May I ask parents to please ensure all your child’s items are clearly labeled with their names.  I also want to remind everyone that our rules only allow either black or brown tights to be worn with the school uniform.